Magik Digital Strategy

Magik creates the gift before the packaging. This means that Magik website developers connect the dots before they start building your website or app. The look & feel only comes into play after we have established that the website is fully functional. There’s nothing worse than a pretty website that doesn’t do what you want it to do or that isn’t fast enough for your visitors! We help you with strategically planning your website and app ideas and the tools you will need before we start design process.

Magik websites are functional, fast, and eye-catching at the same time.

We create digital strategies that will make your website a success:
  • Strategies dovetailing your existing marketing plan / business objectives;
  • Strategies that identify new business opportunities and target markets;
  • Strategies to engage your audience and create a following.

We can help you with your brand identity and make sure your website is like a perfect window display, drawing people in. The beauty about an online presentation is that your services and products can be found by anyone. You’ll soon be opening your doors to new customers!


Digital Marketing strategies

By using web ads and banners, online competitions, coupons, interactive games, or online movies you can increase your website traffic even more. Magik provides full digital solutions to help you get started with digital marketing. Business growth depends more and more on your Corporate Image: The way you deal with your clients, the services you provide, how happy your staff is, and how people rate your products and services. Digital marketing strategies can help build your desired corporate image faster than traditional advertising ever could.

Social Media have become a major factor in digital marketing strategies. Magik New Media’s website developers team is keeping up with the latest social media developments and sharing tools and we can advise you on how to boost your website traffic using Facebook, Twitter, blogs and digital newsletters. We can do our Magik by implementing all the social media into your website and provide you with online tools that encourage visitors to spread the word. By aiming straight at your target market, you can expect a quick Return on Investment from your marketing strategies.

Follow-up service

Once you started your digital marketing strategy, you will want to know how to keep it up and how to measure results. Magik explains how technologies will be integrated into your business, what your staff will need to know, and which support we can provide in future. Magik also provides the best technological solutions to monitor your digital marketing efforts. This may be through measuring social networking impact, implementing web applications to monitor your traffic, and conversion calculators from clicks to sales.