How Green is Your Website?

Have you ever considered whether your website is responsible for polluting the environment? Do your company landing pages have an impact on global warming? Or is your carefully written digital content that promotes your environmentally-friendly product hiding a less than green truth?

In 2013, the information and communication technology (ICT) industry accounted for 2.5% of…

BY marketing  |  16/10/2019
Drupal 7 End of Life – What Do I Do?

For some time we have known that the content management system (CMS) known as Drupal 7 will be declared “End of Life” at the start of November 2021. This scenario similarly applies to Drupal 8 which also reaches the end of its life at the same time.

The changing needs and wishes of the user…

BY marketing  |  10/10/2019
Google Images: The Importance of Image Optimisation

Google Images is often overlooked by SEO professionals. All attention is usually given to Google Web results. But in today’s competitive digital environment, a website must seize every opportunity to attract additional visitors. Image Search is not only an additional channel but an interesting opportunity to make your website even more visible. The chance…

BY marketing  |  02/10/2019
The Lead Scoring How-To

Lead scoring is an essential technique that should be initiated at the same time as lead generation. By setting up a lead scoring system, a brand ensures that its leads and prospects are objectively arranged according to a point system. This point system represents the possible value of that lead for the company. The…

BY marketing  |  26/09/2019
Content Pruning – Four Steps for Perfect Content

Just as we attempt to keep a tree looking great and healthy by pruning its branches, we need to learn the skill on a digital level, trimming the excess from our website content to improve loading times, visual attractiveness and information reliability. When pruning a website we of shave it down to the most…

BY marketing  |  18/09/2019
Avoiding the Sticky Web of Marketing Tools

Marketing tools are available in mind-blowing numbers. Marketers – amateur and professional – are becoming overwhelmed and very prone to distraction when offered this number of seeming opportunities. However, great numbers do not translate into marketing enrichment, even though many companies own up to using thirty or more ‘unique’ marketing solutions. An organisation may…

BY marketing  |  11/09/2019
Try Smarketing – a single team for sales and marketing

Fire and water. Cat and dog. Sydney and Newcastle. When you ask someone to describe the relationship between their company’s marketing and sales teams the resulting responses usually go along the same lines. Although these teams communicate with the same leads and customers, they rarely communicate with each other. A waste of resources and…

BY marketing  |  04/09/2019
Can You Boost your Email Open Rate through Resending?

According to MailChimp, the average open rate of marketing emails is just 16.84%. According to these calculations more than 80% of your target group will not read your marketing message. An extremely demotivating piece of information, especially if you have put in copious quantities of blood, sweat and tears into email content and design….

BY marketing  |  27/08/2019
How Do Customers Decision-Make? Part II

How your website can influence the decision-making process

Hopefully, you will have read the last blog which spoke about how customers and website visitors are influenced during their decision-making processes. In the second part of this two-part blog we look at how marketing departments can influence these processes through in-depth knowledge. As we have already…

BY marketing  |  22/08/2019
How Do Customers Decision-Make? Part I

We make decisions every single day. We decide what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We decide what to wear. Where to go. Who to go with. In fact, it is reported that the average adult makes around 35,000 decisions on a daily basis. That’s about a million choices every month. Just those…

BY marketing  |  15/08/2019
Is the CCO a defunct role?

Many companies are still unable to provide seamless customer experiences, often due to the absence of a chief collaboration officer or CCO. However, there is good news for commercial enterprises (perhaps less good news for the CCOs) – chief marketing officers (CMOs) already possess the qualities necessary to successfully fulfill this role…

BY marketing  |  08/08/2019
Making the most of your e-commerce check

For websites which implement e-commerce, it is useful if you can make sure everything is in the right place and properly functioning. But exactly how do you do this?

How useful are e-commerce reports?

The most logical reason to implement e-commerce is to track what is being sold through your site. An e-commerce report will give…

BY marketing  |  01/08/2019
Pinterest advertising

European markets are gradually being given the opportunity to add Pinterest Ads to their marketing channels, a privilege Australians have enjoyed for some time. Beta-version standard and video ads from Europe have already been launched and the next step towards global advertising has added itself to the constantly racing hamster wheel.

BY marketing  |  25/07/2019

The Design Process of AI-driven Voice User Interfaces (VUI)

Products based on artificial intelligence (AI) must be researched, tested and validated long before a minimal viable product (MVP) that serves the target user group hits the market.

Spending time and energy on this pre-production process avoids long, expensive and often unnecessary programming time. Failure to do so usually leads to…

BY marketing  |  18/07/2019
Great Advertising Content? Tips from Classic Literature.

Writing content isn’t just about the words. We’ve all come across articles that weave and wind in every direction before chaotically touching upon something that appears to be a central theme. Or a piece that heavily disappoints after clicking on what was an exciting and very promising heading. Every subject is of…

BY marketing  |  11/07/2019
Spider’s Web SEO

SEO is more than ‘simply’ optimizing a page for a specific keyword or creating individual pages. Today’s SEO is all about search intention and authority.

Imagine you are the world’s number one SEO expert. The Michelangelo of the microsite. The Hironimus Bosch of the homepage. You are also an incredible copywriter….

BY marketing  |  04/07/2019
Long-form branded content – verbal diarrhoea or lucrative prose?

Arguments concerning the importance of content flare up at regular intervals, especially when talking about quality and effect. Advocates of long-form content usually quote the excess of superficial social posts which, they say, make a visitor more willing to read longer articles.

According to Wikipedia, branded content is “the practice of…

BY marketing  |  27/06/2019
Digital analytics – past and present

Data is increasingly becoming the driving force behind commercial success, especially in the digital marketing sector. In recent years, data management and digital analytics have move forward in leaps and bounds. Organizations see the importance of reliable data and prefer to work using data-driven methods. The problem here is how ‘big data’…

BY marketing  |  20/06/2019
Buying Facebook Likes

Purchasing FB Likes or Instagram or Twitter followers for your product or company social media pages might seem like a rapid way to increase brand awareness, but always comes hand in hand with great risk to reputation. Recently, ABC aired a report on Click Farms, showing row upon row of mobile…

BY marketing  |  13/06/2019
New Storytelling for Foldable Screens

For website designers and marketing, foldable phones offer a fresh medium. The latest ‘folding’ (read ‘bendable’) smartphones and tablets present new opportunities (and much more space) for visual storytelling.

In 2011, PaperPhone was revealed at the Association of Computing Machinery conference in Vancouver. A thin, bendable, paper-like touchscreen and computer interface…

BY marketing  |  06/06/2019
Game of Thrones – a lesson in top-level marketing

The final season of Game of Thrones has ended. Social media, blogs and articles are having a field day, using the last months (years) global obsession to attract online visitors and cultivate the lucrative fruits of the final season. While the author of this massive tale is solely responsible for the origins…

BY marketing  |  30/05/2019
Business to Business Marketing – how close is it to B2C?

Whether your online marketing strategy caters to consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B) makes a huge difference. While it is possible to implement the same channels for both, the method used often requires a (very) different approach. When it comes to B2B marketing, which this article concentrates on, one needs to understand these…

BY marketing  |  23/05/2019
Ultimate Outreach – Web Design for Non-Trichromats

If you had to look the word in the title of this article up, there’s a good chance your website design doesn’t take protanomaly, protanopia, deuteranomaly, deuteranopia, tritanomaly, tritanopia and monochromacy into account. However, these are important when contemplating your colour palette. In fact, you may be alienating approximately one in ten…

BY marketing  |  16/05/2019
Are you really putting your customer first?

How to get your customer-centric online marketing strategy right?

The customer is king, and the customer is always right. Two tired, over-used phrases that bring us back to the flashy world of physical sales with its hard-sell tactics and thin veneer of customer care. If you need to say either of…

BY marketing  |  09/05/2019
It’s all in the detail

Preparing for a Professional Marketing Development Agency consultation

Many businesses put their online presence in the hands of a digital design agency – money well spent for those without an in-house department, or a different perspective for those that have their own team. The best design agencies know how to integrate…

BY marketing  |  02/05/2019
Best WordPress plugins for 2019 – Oldies, but Goodies

This year’s new or upgraded WordPress plugins can help your WordPress website become even lower-maintenance and more successful than last year. With 2019 well underway there has been time to review how these latest or new plugins are impacting up-to-date websites. After looking at what users and reviewers have reported during the…

BY marketing  |  25/04/2019
Instagram Checkout – changing the face of future e-commerce

Instagram has recently announced its new Checkout feature – Facebook’s big drive to move Instagram into the profitable world of e-commerce. With over a billion active users and a huge influencer on popular culture, Instagram Checkout will obviously have a similarly huge impact on e-commerce. In fact, it is ready to change…

BY marketing  |  18/04/2019
Do chatbots increase sales?

“I’m thinking about buying one of your products, but I have a few questions.” This is how a general conversation begins on a physical shop floor, a conversation we are still very familiar with, even in the digital age. However, the average consumer is now more likely to be online, which means…

BY marketing  |  04/04/2019
Successful SEO A / B testing

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is usually applied with an aim to increase website conversion rates, and also carried out within advertising channels, including advertising texts and visuals. SEO A/B testing is not as avidly discussed as other forms, but is a very interesting market development. With it, you can…

BY marketing  |  28/03/2019
Online psychology, trick or treat?

The use of psychology is steadily increasing within the online marketing sector but is usually applied as a quick party trick rather than as a fundamental building block implemented in the first stages of web design and following through to website updates. Sporadically applying psychological tricks without prior research rarely allows one…

BY marketing  |  21/03/2019