Online psychology, trick or treat?

The use of psychology is steadily increasing within the online marketing sector but is usually applied as a quick party trick rather than as a fundamental building block implemented in the first stages of web design and following through to website updates. Sporadically applying psychological tricks without prior research rarely allows one…

BY marketing  |  21/03/2019
When is a Homepage a Great Homepage?

It’s relatively rare to find a shining example of a great homepage. The reason for this is because not everyone knows the true goal of the homepage. It’s not a sales page. It’s not a portfolio. It’s not a summary of your service or a contact page, either, unless you have a…

BY marketing  |  14/03/2019
The Future of SEO For Single – and Multi-Page Websites

While multi-page websites are the bread and butter of website design and marketing departments and send visitors where they want to go through itemised headings, single-page websites are becoming increasingly popular due to the changing world of SEO. Search engine optimisation has undergone frequent changes, each one eliciting a new trend for…

BY marketing  |  07/03/2019
Quantum Internet for the Commercial Sector? Fact or Science-Fiction?

Dutch researchers in Delft recently announced a major breakthrough in the race towards a new, more secure Internet after their success in producing a functional, quicker and more reliable quantum connection. What impact does this have on the owner of a commercial enterprise? Will your business soon be able to send messages…

BY marketing  |  28/02/2019
The Startup’s Guide Higher Rankings – How Slow Does It Go?

SEO isn’t for amateurs.

Not because it’s difficult to learn – you can immerse yourself in the theory and find out the right techniques to gain higher rankings in a very short space of time. It’s easy to put together a piece of content that contains words which exactly match your…

BY marketing  |  21/02/2019
Getting Your Micro-Interactions Right

Making things simpler for your website visitors and app users increases engagement – that’s a given. Slow loading, a roundabout way to fill in a form, 404s … all of these, and much more, exasperate your public. Chances are the page or site will be closed and your opportunity to reach an…

BY marketing  |  14/02/2019
The Importance of Hashtag Research

Using social media hashtags to advertise your business opens up a huge audience for very little effort. Every single day, millions of global customers search for specific hashtags. Hashtags are specifically-written phrases which represent topics that people find interesting. It goes without saying that companies who use social media to increase brand…

BY marketing  |  07/02/2019
Get High With A Little Help From Your Friends – SEO Competitor Analysis

Website optimisation should always include competitor research. Not only will they offer new ideas and techniques, but your competition might also even have found ways to solve specific challenges your business still has to face. When researching your competitors always keep two main questions in mind:

1. What can…

BY marketing  |  31/01/2019
Why Would I Want A Webshop?

You can’t ignore Internet. Whatever the time of day, someone’s on it. In fact, even if only one person out of every hundred with an Internet connection was online, forty million people will be online every single minute of the day. So maybe the title should read, “How Do I Start My…

BY marketing  |  24/01/2019
Seven Tips to Boost WooCommerce Webshop Conversion and Sales

So, you have a WooCommerce webshop. Sales are good, but not great. You find yourself regularly checking how many visitors you have had using Google Analytics and realise that the majority of them are only window shopping. This is a sales and marketing disaster. Exactly which psychological strategies will make them buy?

BY marketing  |  17/01/2019
What is remarketing and why should you do it?

One of the up-and-coming catchphrases of the marketing world is remarketing, sometimes called retargeting. Remarketing tries to ensure that a visitor who has visited your website comes back to register or make a purchase. Although this seems simple enough, it is a little more complex. This blog tells you in simple terms…

BY marketing  |  10/01/2019
The importance of the SSL certificate

The SSL certificate has become more important than ever. When website users know a site connection is secure, and when you know hackers can’t easily make changes to your site, everyone is happy. With increasing e-commerce opportunities and data protection measures, an SSL certificate is a modern-day prerequisite.

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer

BY marketing  |  03/01/2019
Is 404 Page not found really so bad?

The 404 ‘Page not found’ page is the least known-about page of any website. Every site needs one, and whatever the response, it is always negative. So is there anything we can do to limit the damage?

Limiting the negative reaction

Most visitors react to the 404 page with rolling eyes or…

BY marketing  |  27/12/2018
Designing the right logo

Determining your corporate identity: the psychology behind your logo

Ask an entrepreneur about the core values of his company and you will often receive a very specific answer. They have thought long and hard about this and incorporated a certain vision of the world or a particular goal. In fact, every business has…

BY marketing  |  20/12/2018
The Ins and Outs of Link Building

There is more than one way to climb the ladder to the top of the Google search results list. Keyword use, clever content, and responsive web design are the best-known alternatives. However, another lesser known method is link building. This blog explains how to use link building to increase your company’s chances…

BY marketing  |  13/12/2018
Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor – blessing or curse?

Although there is still a lot of controversy concerning Gutenberg, and with this content editor currently only available as a plugin (the default version will be included in WordPress 5.0), this software shows significant improvement when compared to its current counterpart.

What’s wrong with the current version?

As its name suggests, the…

BY marketing  |  06/12/2018
Professional maintenance for WordPress websites: the key to success

As with all software, continuous maintenance of WordPress websites is essential if you want a properly functioning and engaging website. By avoiding website maintenance tasks, you are doing the equivalent of forgetting to change the car oil. For those who prefer more environmentally friendly examples, try leaving your bike chain unoiled or…

BY marketing  |  28/11/2018
What Does Your E-commerce Website Design Say About Your Brand?

Current research shows that including an online video on your website, in an email campaign or posting viral videos on sites like YouTube is a highly effective way to communicate directly with potential customers to pitch your products or services. If online video is done well, it can have a significant, positive impact on…

BY admin  |  23/02/2015
Tips for Creating an Effective and Impactful Online Video

Current research shows that including an online video on your website, in an email campaign or posting viral videos on sites like YouTube is a highly effective way to communicate directly with potential customers to pitch your products or services. If online video is done well, it can have a significant, positive impact on…

BY admin  |  23/02/2015
Identifying Your Ideal Target Market Is Vital to Online Marketing Success

Research done with small business owners and entrepreneurs shows that there are specific online marketing strategies and techniques that financially successful business owners use to achieve rapid and sustainable business growth.

One of the most critical strategies is identifying and cultivating your Ideal Target Market.

Your Ideal Target Market is the individual or company that is…

BY admin  |  20/02/2015